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Anki is a flashcard tool which incorporates sophisticated research to maximize your study efficiency. You can import public “decks” of flashcards, such as this one.

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as if you made them yourself.

About this Flashcard Deck…

This deck contains 10K words with sentences, with audio and pitch intonation, and furigana popping up as hint, and KanJax-based popup kanji info (with stroke diagram and Koohii stories). To have the animated stroke diagrams on the popup you need additional GIF media that for instance are included in the set

There are five types of cards: Recognition, Production, Listening, Handwriting (like recognition but with a semicursive handwriting font), Kanjify (you have sentence and meaning and must fill in the kanjis).

I have removed the images in the original set because I found them very offtopic and distracting while studying. Some people asked a version with no media at all, I won’t do it myself because I am just publishing the sets as I use them, anybody willing to publish a media-stripped version is welcome.

This is just a modification of, where I have cleaned the field describing pitch intonation and added some javascript magic to improve card apprearence and popup kanji info and furigana. Credit goes to the people before me, all media are free to use to the best of my knowledge.

Visit Jp Vocab – Core 10K w/ Audio, Pitch, Pop Furi, Kanji Info (Anki) to read more...


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