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About this Flashcard Deck…

Updated: 13th May 2016

Level: Beginner or Pre-Intermediate (there are only a few basic verb tenses – mostly present tense, and a little continuous tense.)

This is a deck of beginner latin american spanish sentences that slowly introduce verbs like ‘ser’, ‘estar’ and ‘gustar’, as well as grammar like direct & indirect objects and reflexive verbs. There are at least 3 usage examples of each noun, verb and adverb, conjugated to most pronouns.

(Card # 11) Front: The tall woman wears a gray suit. Back: La mujer alta lleva un traje gris.
(Card # 12) Front: The woman is tired. Back: La mujer está cansada.
(Card # 13) Front: The short woman wears a gray suit. Back: La mujer baja lleva un traje gris.
(Card # 14) Front: The girl is cold. Back: La niña tiene frío.

Where possible, the english is just a literal translation of the spanish, otherwise I put the literal translation in brackets.

The diacritical marks are included so Text To Speech pronounces correctly. Unless otherwise stated, ‘you’ always refers to the Spanish pronoun tú. There are no instances of vosotros.

Please rate this deck in AnkiWeb if you like it, otherwise email me – stu40 at if you find any mistakes or have any improvements, and I will update the deck. Thanks to Judy Hochberg & Ethan Roeder for their input.

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