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About this Flashcard Deck…

Updated: 23rd February 2016.

Level: High Intermediate.

The numerous Spanish verb tenses are confusing for me. I started to mix them all up, so for reinforcement I drilled the same verb tense for several months, before I moved on to a new one. It worked well for me, so here I present my deck of commonly spoken Latin American Spanish commands (ie. the imperative tense). There are 2 to 4 usage examples of each verb. I included a mixture of both ‘tú’, ‘nosotros’ (ie. Let’s), ‘usted’ & ‘ustedes’ pronouns, though there are no instances of Vosotros.. Some cards include an extra sentence to show the Rioplatense ‘Vos’ conjugation (used mostly in Argentina and Uruguay).

(Card # 86) Front: Think! (familiar imperative) Back: Piensa!
(Card # 87) Front: Think of me! (familiar imperative) Back: Piensa en mí!
(Card # 88) Front: Think big! (familiar imperative) Back: Piensa en grande!

You’ll see the negative imperative tense is conjugated the same as the present subjunctive, so this deck can become a stepping stone to learning the subjunctive tense.

* To aid learning, I have;

1. Put apostrophes ‘ ‘ or brackets ( ) around English phrases that need something unexpected in the Spanish translation, like a noun in plural, or an unexpected preposition.

2. Translated using the English cognate (where the meaning is the same), so most Spanish words get a unique English translation (though sometimes I wasn’t able to do this).

Text To Speech will pronounce correctly since the diacritical marks are included.

Thanks to Dillon Jay Pena for his feedback. Please rate this deck in AnkiWeb if you like it, otherwise email me – stu40 at if you find any mistakes or have any improvements, and I will update the deck.

Visit Basic Latin Amer Spanish Imperative Sentences (TTS accurate) (Anki) to read more...


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