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Class Details

Madame Evert
Sabish Middle School
French I
2011 – 2012

(1) Leçon 11 QUIZ Cities and Nationalites

20 concepts, including:
(Paris) Hélène est _____., (Québec) Céline et Marie sont _____., (Mexico) Carlos et Pedro sont _____., (Tokyo) Ma copine Michiko est _____., (Beijing) Monsieur Cheng est _____., (Liverpool) Janet et Bob sont _____.

(2) Leçon 11 Translations

15 concepts, including:
You (plural) are very nice, I have a Japanese car, We (all female) are rather shy, Monique isn’t mean, My friend (female) is very athletic, I like French music, I prefer Chinese restaurants, So, she is italian, You (informal) aren’t very silly

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